8 deadly email marketing mistakes for an online store

More registrations and more addresses. Excitement takes over: more registrations! more letters! more sales! more distribution area! more support questions! and more registrations. What to do with this immense power?

We use the address database and caldo de pollo xxx wisely
E-mail marketing for online stores is perhaps even more responsible than any other type of promotion: unsubscribing from your mailing list is a consequence of a sapper’s mistake, there will be no second chance.

So, why do your customers delete your emails without opening them, or refuse to receive them at all.

1. Your secretary knows how to write sales headlines.
She is fluent in the theory of the discipline “Marketing”, which she studied as part of the training course and is quite literate. Therefore, with a machine-gun burst, he gives out the phrases “Today only!!! DISCOUNT FOR THE WHOLE ASS…”. At this point, the subject line is no longer visible due to the limited width of the reader’s screen.

The above headline could have been effective if the sender was a popular Apple retailer. Yes, and it is doubtful. That’s why:

Keep the mark
Save space
Give the numbers: 40%, 3 days before …
Be brief
Do not include the company name in the subject if it is in the “Sender”
Write to hundreds of people as if you were writing to one.
Example: “Summer photos and hot discounts up to 80%”. What will be in this letter? It is difficult to guess, because it was received from a multi-brand clothing store.

2. Your secretary also writes texts
Stop hoping that while you and your colleagues are thinking about your business for 8 hours a day, readers are also thinking about it at least four. No, they are busy with their work or their leisure, but in any case, with something of their own. So when you want to sell, they may not want to buy.

No one is interested in knowing why you are giving such a generous discount, how much you love your customers, and what your product is famous for. Less Wikipedia and lyrical confessions in letters:

“Do not waste time looking for a gift for March 8th. We have already found some great options, and you – spend time with your beloved, she will appreciate it ”- a good, short, introductory text for mailing.

Another way to interest the audience is to make it a rule to send information that is relevant to them. Do you have a pizzeria? Describe the most interesting events of the upcoming week that are worth visiting, because your customers order it not out of love for the dough, but because of lack of time and desire to cook. The conclusion about what they need, suggests itself.

3. You still don’t have well-defined customer groups
You sell home appliances. If the entire mailing goes through the same base, you can subtract half from the conversion. The wider your clientele, the more acute is the need to urgently introduce a survey on the site in order to divide the client base into several target audiences. And then send this questionnaire to existing addresses and process the data.

As a rule, the formation of these groups requires numerous studies that are carried out by Internet marketing professionals. But the smaller the audience and the spread of the target audience, the higher the likelihood of obtaining results close to the real state of affairs.

4. Desire to stop time
You came up with a brilliant move, but forgot that time is running out. To a greater or lesser extent, it depends on the nature of the audience, but people are greedy for trends. We will not delve into the reasons for this phenomenon, but this is an important fact that should be taken into account when writing the subject of the letter, creating illustrations, and drafting texts. And preparation of proposals.

5. Self-confidence
You are a professional, otherwise you would not have been hired for your position. But do not overestimate yourself: practice is the best criterion of truth. Do tests every time or every other time you send out emails. Remember that in split tests there is one very important rule: the difference should appear only in one element: subject, picture, part of the text, title, Call To Action… Divide each user group into two test subgroups and send them different emails. This way you will begin to understand your customers better and sell more.

6. Self-confidence – 2
We made a newsletter – open the statistics. There is no magic in email marketing.

7. Unacceptable appearance of the letter
By getting to know your customers and doing a series of tests, you should be able to form a clear picture of your readers’ stylistic preferences. But whatever they are, sloppy letter design – with flashy red headings, blue italic 16-point font and things like that obviously will not make you additional sales.

There are certain web page design standards based on the user’s basic habits. Follow them. Or order a turnkey email newsletter.

8. Nurturing competitors
Common mistakes include an attempt to educate competitors: if an online store of handmade toys sends customers guides on how to make a Teddy bear, it works against itself. If an arts and crafts retail store does this, it creates customers.

If the letter contains the article numbers of all the necessary goods and a link to the page with information, we put “5” for e-mail marketing for online stores.

8 deadly email marketing mistakes for an online store