Error “Failed to play video” in Telegram app

Faced the “Failed to play video” alert in the Telegram app and tango premium videos and don’t understand how to fix the problem? A common and unpleasant mistake, because I really want to see what kind of video file was sent to you!

Poor internet connection
The first reason why the video in Telegram does not open is bad internet. We will not tire of repeating, a lot depends on the quality of the connection, because the messenger works exclusively on the network, and not offline.

What to do, how to fix the error? You can contact the support service of your mobile operator / Internet provider. We also advise you to do the following:

Reboot your device
Enter airplane mode for a few seconds
Restart your router / router
Make sure there are enough funds in the account
Make sure that the Internet options are connected (and the GB package is not exhausted)

Sometimes the difficulties are of a technical nature – the solution of such issues does not depend on the user. It remains to contact support for help and wait for a solution to the problem!

Old version
One of the answers to the question why the video is not uploaded to Telegram is working in the old version of the application. If you haven’t installed an update for a long time, there is nothing to be surprised at! Most errors and glitches occur for this very reason.

The importance of timely installation of updates is great – you can not only get access to new functions, but also get rid of bugs and errors, protect yourself from the vulnerabilities of previous versions. That’s why you need to install fresh versions on time!

If Telegram does not load video due to an outdated shell, the problem can be easily solved:

Open the Play Market or Epstore software store;
Enter the name of the messenger in the search box;
If there is an “Update” button opposite the icon, press and wait a few minutes until the download is complete.

Important! It will not be superfluous to check the state of the operating system – an outdated axis can also negatively affect the performance of applications. You can check for OS updates in the device settings.

Clogged cache
The next reason why the video is not played in the Telegram is the lack of space in the cache. The storage is used to quickly load certain data, so media from all chats and groups are stored there.

If you actively use the messenger and often send, send and receive media files, you may encounter unpleasant freezes and other difficulties in your work. The cache is full, it becomes difficult to use the messenger.

That is why video is not loaded into Telegram – often the overflowed cache is to blame for this. The great news is that the vault can be cleaned. In this case, the data will not be permanently deleted! If necessary, you can easily download all previously received media, just click on the view or play button in the chat (message history).

How do I clear the cache? Open the mobile app:

Click on the settings button – on the iPhone on the bottom panel, on Android through the menu on the left;
Go to the “Data and Memory” section;
Find the subsection “Memory Usage”;
Here you will see the “Storage” block, which describes in detail how many megabytes a particular chat / group occupies;
Click on the “Clear cache” button and get ready to wait.

If videos in Telegram are not loaded due to overflowing storage, this action will help! But be patient, the cleaning process can take several minutes. Depends on the amount of accumulated media data!

Invalid file
The last option, why videos are not loaded in Telegram, is that you have been sent a video of an unsupported format. Of course, the application supports the main video file formats, but no one is immune from difficulties of this kind.

What can be done in such a situation? Try to download the file and convert it to a suitable format using online converters. On the web, you will find many similar sites that work quickly and completely free of charge.

In addition, if the video in the Telegram does not play, you should think about the integrity of the file. Broken videos will not download even on the most modern device. The error could have crept in during shooting or downloading. It is best to ask the interlocutor to re-record – preferably through a smartphone camera (and not a messenger).

We tried to answer in detail the question of why the video in Telegram does not load. The problem does not always appear due to the fault of the user, but in most cases you can cope on your own. Remember our tips, otherwise using the messenger will be boring – after all, you want to get the maximum of available functions?

Error “Failed to play video” in Telegram app