Instagram V / S Tik Tok

Hello everyone!

Today, friends, let’s talk about the battle of two social networks: Instagram and Tik Tok!

In Russia, according to some sources, there are more than 40,000,000 Instagram users! Tik Tok – about 10 million people and this number is constantly increasing!

This is my opinion, but in my opinion Instagram has been cutting Tik Tok’s ideas lately! In 2020, more filters and video effects will appear on Instagram Stories, as well as the ability to add music tracks to the uploaded video? It’s not hard to guess where this idea was cut from!

Even I, a true Instagram fan, are already heavily addicted to Tik Tok!

I think you will not mind if I here on this channel also tell you how to promote pages on Tik Tok ???

Honestly, I still do not really understand the TikTok algorithms, but views and subscribers on this social network are recruited much faster than on Instagram!

Instagram V / S Tik Tok