Hello everyone!

In general, in my opinion, the second most popular social network after Instagram is TIK TOK!

I explain to everyone that if you don’t know how to keep the audience in Instagram Stories, then register on TikTok! Don’t know where to get content for Instagram? Register at Tik Tok!

I will say more that Insta is currently tying and implementing TikTok chips! Very soon, Instagram Stories, as well as Tik Tok, will be able to add music to videos, the number of masks and special effects will increase!

Who is interested in Tik Tok, and how to promote your page on this social network, subscribe to my Zen channel!

For clarity, I started a fresh page on Tik Tok, where I will introduce in real time the knowledge and experience of other SMM managers!

And we will see how long it will take for me to get the first thousand subscribers to Tik Tok!

I say no to wrapping services right away🚫

Only content, hashtags and manual mass following, massliking and mass commenting!

We will study the TikTok algorithms by typing and compare them with the Instagram algorithms!

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