New Instagram feature – IG Guides

Instagram has announced a new type of content on the site – Instagram Guides!

The new content type created with

Guides will be placed in a separate block in your account between the feed and checkmarks section. The publication can be divided into several parts and include a text description, photos, video materials, as well as links to your earlier posts.

You can share content with your audience in Stories.

When viewing Guides, users will be able to see posts and videos that have been created by the author, as well as helpful tips and tricks. Users will also be able to share the guide on their Stories or live streams by clicking on the “share” button in the upper right corner.

Instagram believes that the new feature is especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it will primarily be available to accounts in the “Health” theme.

The social network expects that this will allow users to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cope with anxiety during a pandemic. Instagram has already given access to the new feature to some bloggers and businesses.

New Instagram feature – IG Guides